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KF94 Masks - 10 pack

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  • 4-Layer Face_Mask - Disposable face_masks are made of outer non-wowen fabric, 2 layer Inner defense cloth and middle electrostatic cotton layers. 3D fish shape is more breathable and comfortable to wear
  • Easy to Use - The_mask fits the face more closely, with a size of 20.6x8.6cm suitable for adult use. The soft and elastic ear hooks bring you a lightweight wearing experience. Easy to use and well protect you from dust and smoke
  • Reusable - This ultra-high filtration face_cover is more practical. Compared with ordinary disposable_masks, it can be reused. As long as it is protected by hygiene, it can be worn for a few days (except for crowded occasions, etc.)
  • Anti-fog - This face_mask is designed in 3D, which is very suitable for people who wear glasses. It can block the fog from flowing upward and prevent the glasses from fogging
  • Multifunctional Use - Use multiple times and higher filtering effects to protect the safety of you, your family and friends. Suitable for parties, shopping, walking, sports, going to work, going to school, etc. In order to be able to overcome this battle as quickly as possible, please wear certified products
  • KF94 masks are similar, with some modifications. While these masks also have a metal nose bridge and elastic ear loops, they also have a wide band across the front and side flaps that contour to your face. While KF94 masks filter out 94 percent of particles and KN95 masks filter out 95 percent, experts say they’re basically the same thing.